My work explores the Nordic equivalent of the South East Asian philosophy of emptiness, impermanence, and interdependence. My visual language revolves around the narrative of time and space, using urban landscape and the Nordic light as subject matter to invoke ambiguous images with a sense of mystery.

In nature, phenomena such as water, clouds, mist and smoke manifest traits of impermanence and interdependence. With this in mind, I process the images through digital and physical manipulation to shift their meaning towards a narrative of time, space and the mystery of dusk and dawn. I feel that this process adds intriguing layers of meaning for the viewer to interpret and engage with. I use the intimacy of the book to invite the audience to slow down and be present with my work.

My reasons for working with this topic are two-fold. Firstly, I believe it is highly unhealthy to live in a society where speed, business and growth are dominating symbols of success. This way of living not only destroys our planet by exploiting natural resources but exploits people as well. Secondly, because of this stressful lifestyle, a lot of people in the West seek out South Eastern philosophies, such as yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, as an antidote to their stressful everyday life. I would like to question what the Nordic equivalent of the South East Asian philosophy looks like and invite the viewer to slow down and enjoy the fullness of their own surroundings.